下妻萌(しもつまもえ) Moe Shimotsuma, joined the team in 2013

リサーチテーマ: 緑肥(ヘアリーベッチ)を用いた窒素循環の活性化

Research theme: Activation of nitrogen cycle using green manure (hairy vetch)

千葉茜(ちばあかね) Akane Chiba, joined the team in 2014

リサーチテーマ: 土壌中遺伝子等を用いた微生物活性や分解能の解析

Research theme: Analyses of decomposition potentials and microbial activities using genes in soils

茂木宏仁(もぎひろさと) Hirosato Mogi, joined the team in 2014リサーチテーマ: 草地と窒素循環―放牧や有機肥料散布の影響について―

Research theme: Grasslands and nitrogen dynamics - the effects of grazing management and application of organic fertilizer -

戸田実里(とだみさと) Misato Toda, joined the team in 2014リサーチテーマ: 緑肥と慣行栽培の微生物群衆構造的違い

Research theme: The use of green manures and soil microbial community structures - comparison with conventional systems

好井優衣(よしいゆい) Yui Yoshii, joined the team in 2015

リサーチテーマ: 重金属汚染土壌の回復

Research theme: Recovery and remediation of heavy-metal contaminated soils

岡碧幸(おかみゆき) Miyuki Oka, joined the team in 2016

リサーチテーマ: 安定同位体を用いた重金属汚染土壌における窒素循環の評価

Research theme: Evaluation of nitrogen cycle in heavy metal contaminated soil using stable isotope

前田裕斗(まえだゆうと) Yuto Maeda, joined the team in 2016リサーチテーマ: 鉛による土壌汚染の微生物的影響の評価

Research theme: Evaluation of the impact of lead contamination on soil microbes

伊藤月乃(いとうつきの) Tsukino Ito, joined the team in 2017

リサーチテーマ: 炭素が土壌中の窒素の有機化、無機化に与える影響

Research theme: The effects of carbon on soil nitrogen immobilization and mineralization

D3 : 濱本亨(はまもととおる) Toru Hamamoto, joined the team in 2013リサーチテーマ: 放牧地における物質循環と環境負荷低減型農業について


Research theme: Environmental impacts of pastoral farming and nutrient cycles

Sustainable agricultural systems in Zambia


B4 : 王驥(わんじー) Ji Wang, joined the team in 2018

リサーチテーマ: ???

Research theme:???

M2 : 由田康人(よしだやすと) Yasuto Yoshida, joined the team in 2018

リサーチテーマ: 人口衛星画像を用いたアフリカ・ザンビア土壌汚染の評価

Research theme: Evaluation of soil contamination in Africa, Zambia using satellite images