Collaborations & Projects

Nitrogen cycle related microbes

Nitrogen is an important nutrient for us and its cycle is often controlled by diverse microbes. We aim to evaluate their roles in soils. 

Heavy Metal Contamination in Zambia, Africa

We aim to understand the mechanisms behind heavy metal contaminated soils/animals/human in Kabwe city, Zambia. We are particularly focusing on lead (Pb) contamination.

Nutrient Budgeting for Japanese Dairy Farms

Understanding nutrient cycling in dairy farms is very important. Better nutrient use efficiency on farms can save money and labour. We aim to calculate how much nutrients are brought in / taken out from individual farms.

Analyses of Soil Microbial Communities

In soils, there are millions of microbes. We have just started understanding their importance. How can we create soils with "good" soil microbial communities? What is good soil microbial community anyway? We are trying to answer these questions.