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中標津へ、そして東京へ【To Nakashibetsu and to Tokyo】

posted Sep 7, 2013, 4:30 AM by Yoshitaka Uchida Hokudai   [ updated Sep 7, 2013, 4:31 AM ]
 I had two trips in a row within a fortnight. First, I went to the eastern side of Hokkaido Island. The trip was to the other side of the same prefecture, but it took a whole day to get there. I realized that how big Hokkaido is. The reason that I wanted to visit the eastern side of Hokkaido (Nakashibetsu) was that I wanted to see pasture based farming before winter kicks in. We still see some pasture near Sapporo city, where I live, however, the pasture management over the other side of the island was completely different from what I saw near my town.

For example, farmers in Nakashibetsu have to deal with freezing soils whereas the amount of snow they have is relatively smaller, compared to this side of the island. It was a wonderful trip and I learned a lot from one of my friends, who lives in Nakashibetsu.

After that, I had a quick rest in our home and then traveled to Tokyo, attending the 3rd International Conference on Nitrification (ICoN3) held at Chuo University. I have presented my previous work at a workshop prepared for young scientists. The scientists who attended this conference study “nitrification”. This is a process related to a nitrogen cycle and is very important in relation to any natural ecosystems. For examples, nitrification occurs in the oceans, in rivers and lakes, and in soils. This process is performed by microbes called “nitrifiers” thus there were so many microbiologists attending this conference from all over the world.