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ザンビアプロジェクトのこれから【Project in Zambia - from now】

posted Feb 1, 2018, 11:15 PM by Yoshitaka Uchida Hokudai

   February already. My students have just submitted their master theses today. I feel wonderful. 
   Our project in Zambia has been progressing well. We started identifying what we can and cannot do on site, which is a very important thing when we run a project in Africa. As I noted before, we are running a project to mitigate heavy metal contamination issues in Zambia (Link). It is not an easy project and it sometimes stresses me out but is a rewarding project.
   We managed to place a student and a postdoc on site and they are working so hard to progress things. We aim to form good soils on site, to recover plant ecosystems there. As the picture speaks itself, recovering plants on contaminated sites is not an easy task. In my opinion, it is not just heavy metals but we have to consider extensive drying season, water permeability in soils and so on. 
   We should understand the soils better. We should research about local plant communities. Then, we have to design the new natural ecosystems there. I will do my best to make the situation better. I hope to get some help from new students who I expect to host from April.