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学生交流のこと【Student exchanges】

posted Jun 30, 2014, 9:17 PM by Yoshitaka Uchida Hokudai

   It has just been started but I started being able to create a system or a mechanism to start a student exchange program between our University and other Universities. When I say “student exchange”, I am not talking about a short-term English course or a homestay program.
   I would like to start creating a system where students are able to freely exchange their credits among many Universities. This has already been happening in Europe or in other parts in Asia. For example, a student from UK can do a part of his/her course in France and take his/her credits back to his/her University without a lot of hustles. Similar systems exist in Germany, Norway, Netherland and many other European countries. This started happening in top Universities in Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.
   In my University, this kind of system does not exist. Some say it does but it is a very rare case where many professors or administration staffs worked really hard to make this happen. Thus, in many cases, students who want to study overseas for a while give up when they are planning or even when they go overseas, they are forced to take a year off from their home University.
   Now my University and the University that I studied are trying to create a good system. When this starts, a similar system can be applied to other Universities, which I hope.