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新渡戸スクール&合同ゼミ 【Nitobe School & Combined Lab Seminars】

posted Oct 19, 2015, 7:34 AM by Yoshitaka Uchida Hokudai

   Autumn season is flying here at Hokkaido and snow will be falling in a minute. This is every year thing and am rather looking forward to this season but it is also a sentimental season. Actually one of my students left here to study overseas for a year so am missing her as well. At the same time, time flies simply because I am pretty busy, as usual. I have been teaching at a new graduate school called the Nitobe school for the last few weeks. It has just been started and I have to say that both students and staffs are rather confused on everything. 
   Well, but I would like to thank many staffs who help me running the course because the subject that I teach at the Nitobe school has to be taught as "problem-solving" style and I really needed helps from other staffs to teach my students both "global" and "local" issues/problems. Students are pretty enthusiastic and catching up well to my messy lectures... Thanks...
   Also, today, I and my students joined a seminar organized by another professor, which can be a bit unusual in this faculty. I would like to thank Prof. Hashidoko and his team. There was a professor invited from overseas and he gave us a nice talk too. I am proud of my students joining the discussion. I have not really well prepared but I gave a small talk too. The photo showing Misato presenting her preliminary results. Well done.