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温室効果ガス・レーザー測定【Measurements of greenhouse gas by lasers】

posted Nov 20, 2015, 11:58 PM by Yoshitaka Uchida Hokudai

   It has been very cold these days here at Hokkaido. I normally leave my office door open, so students can come in and out whenever they like, thus it is very cold in my room. Well, I can shut it for now but I guess it is something I strongly desire to do because I remember my supervisor was doing the same thing. 
   By the way, I have been starting up a couple of new machines. I mean, really new. The machines can measure stable isotope ratio and concentrations of greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. I do not mean to go too scientific here but the understanding of stable isotopes of greenhouse gases is very important to know "who" emit these gases.
   "Starting-up" machines is different from conducting an experiment. An experiment can be conducted only when the results from machines are accurate. Thus, we first start-up the machines to make sure they measure whatever their targets are, accurately. It is often not easy because many scientists use very unique and rare machines. I am guessing one of my machines is probably only one in the world so I can not simply ask somebody "how to use" this machine. 
   Of course I am getting a lot of helps from people who sold us the machine but well, it is scientists' responsibility to test the accuracy of the machine. Well, so far so good I guess and I am happy to have this machine in my laboratory.