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つくば(農業環境技術研究所)へ【Trip to NIAES, Tsukuba】

posted Jul 25, 2014, 1:27 AM by Yoshitaka Uchida Hokudai

 I’m Shimotsuma Moe, a member of the Uchida lab and a 4th grade student of Hokkaido University. I report about a business trip at National institute for Agro-Environment sciences for analysis gas samples.
 My research theme is “Effect of Biochar and Green manure in different soil type” Green manure means plants for nutrition of next crops. Legumes are used as green manure because they can fix N in the air. There are few studies in soil science and environmental effects.
 In this study, I did a 15N labeling experiment. We grew green manure plant with 15N fertilizer treatment. Then, we applied on the soil core and incubated half and a month. Gas sampling was carried out twice a week, this gas sample contain much “heavy” N2O than that of air. Using this difference, we can calculation the ratio of N2O derived from green manure and from soil. When this method used, we can understand N flow in detail than the previous method that just compare control and treated. There is rich nature in Tsukuba, we found a beetle and a stag beetle! I’ll do my best.