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タンザニアへ【To Tanzania】

posted Feb 21, 2016, 10:57 PM by Yoshitaka Uchida Hokudai
 この前アフリカから帰ってきたばかりな気もしますが、またタンザニア方面へ行ってまいりました。「Study in Japan」という催しがありましたので、微力ですがそのお手伝いということでした。アフリカからの留学生をもっと増やしたい、という日本政府の考えのもと、一生懸命日本の大学を宣伝してきました。



I have been to Tanzania, although I just came back from Africa. I attended an event called "Study in Japan". I help my colleagues in this event to increase the number of African students who want to study in Japan.

We held this event at University of Dar es Salaam and >400 people attended this event. We could see the high interest to Japanese Universities by African students. In addition to Hokkaido University, there were Tsukuba, Kumamoto, and Kyoto Universities and we also did some individual consultations.

To be honest, not much interest in my scientific research area (Agriculture and Environment) but I guess students tend to look at the area with rather high salaries. I am hoping to see more African students going into this area.