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タイからの学生・送別会【Good bye party for Thai students】

posted Sep 14, 2014, 6:29 PM by Yoshitaka Uchida Hokudai

On July 18th, we joined the final presentation by four students from Kasetsart University and the farewell party for them. They visited our university to take part in summer school for a month. This is the first summer school at Hokkaido University, particularly focusing on Agriculture. In this program, Thai students learned agriculture in Hokkaido through lectures, practical works at our experimental farms and excursion to suburb.
     At their final presentation, they talked about the differences between Thai and Japanese agricultural systems. Everything in Hokkaido was new for them. Above all, what fascinated them the best is a machine for paddy rice. Currently, their rice production has been mechanized and most people use harvester. However, rice planter is unfamiliar for them. I hope four students will widespread the use of rice planter in their country.
     At the party held by Prof. Araki and his students, we enjoyed nice meal, such as farm-raised vegetables, fresh milk, flowing noodle (nagashi somen), mutton barbecue and real Thai food made by four students. Thai food was really hot, but so tasty!
     We had a good time with all participants. I must say thank you to Prof. Araki for inviting us.