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それでも別れは来る話【We still have to say goodbye...】

posted Mar 18, 2020, 4:29 PM by Yoshitaka Uchida





Because of the situation regarding the COVID-19, our University cancelled most of the ceremonies related to the graduation this year (usually graduations happen in March in Japan). My students are doing well, in general, and trying their best avoiding the infection. It is good to see that they are helping each other. 

We even had to cancel casual gatherings; thus, no parties this spring! I am praying for things to get better. Our University established a special team to deal with this situation, and scientists are researching to cope with the virus. This scientific area is not my speciality, thus only thing I can do is to encourage them. I am sure many medical scientists are working twenty-four seven. 

It is vital and the responsibility for scientists to tell people what has been understood or not been understood so far. I mean, to teach people the truth. Spreading the correct information is why scientists are called "scientists". 

Well, even though things are not easy, students are leaving the team. A technician and students who are graduating from an undergraduate degree and masters are going. Also, our team produces a PhD for the first time! I had been writing my PhD thesis about ten years ago, and that negatively influenced my health for sure. However, now I understood how hard my supervisors worked for me to make me "a doctor" despite my poor scientific talent. I wish all the best for my first PhD student, Toru. 

I will talk about our NZ trip next time (photo).