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収穫の時期【Harvest season】

posted Oct 10, 2018, 4:59 AM by Yoshitaka Uchida




Autumn in Hokkaido is very short. Thus, the field researchers get very busy this time of the year. We are also running around, taking a lot of data both inside and outside of the University. This year was difficult for Hokkaido, due to bad weather, earthquake and typhoon. However, we are happy to see the fields at the harvest period, when farmers' hard works are paying off. 

We researched soil microbes in paddy soils and beet farms this year. The results are exciting so far. We look forward to doing more detailed studies. 

In the paddy field, we research natural farming. The natural farming means farming without any chemicals. Commonly speaking, soils gradually lose their nutrients, and soil fertility will decrease due to this type of farming practice. However, reports are saying natural farming is a very successful enterprise. What are the factors controlling the success of natural farming?

In the beet farm, we started studying variable organic fertilisers. It is critical to apply organic materials on soils, but the organic materials contain microbes, nutrients, water and many other things. It is difficult to predict the influence of organic materials on crops accurately. We collaborate with local farmers to do more detailed studies.