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リオデジャネイロ【Rio de Janeiro】

posted Aug 24, 2018, 7:07 PM by Yoshitaka Uchida

   I have been to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the World Congress of Soil Science. I used to live in Brazil when I was a kid. Thus, I have a lot of memories here. I enjoyed the visit and remembered my Portuguese a little bit. A conference, meeting for the scientists, is a place for us to listen to talks and associate each other. We can learn a lot about new machines and analytical progress as well.
   My goal at any conference is to make new friends. This time, I made a lot of new connections. I had a lunch with a well-known soil microbiologist based in Netherland. I also had a good meeting with Brazilian professors and met new African scientists from Niger and Ivory Coast. I have already received many emails from them. I am looking forward to collaborating with them. 
   My students who came along with me also had a similar goal. One of them had been telling me that her English is not good enough and she did not know what to talk but I think she did very well. I was impressed by her oral presentation at one of the biggest rooms at the conference. She will be one of the first graduates of the new "English only" graduate school which I was transferred a few years ago. I hope that I can educate a lot of students who can a world-renowned person, although a lot to do yet!