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日本ニュージーランド会議 【Japan-New Zealand Meeting】

posted Dec 26, 2014, 10:20 PM by Yoshitaka Uchida Hokudai

   There was a Japan-New Zealand meeting held at Sapporo, where I live, a week ago. The theme was the partnership between the two countries in food & agriculture thus I had to attend the meeting. The governor of Hokkaido (Harumi Takahashi) started the meeting and it was a very productive meeting. The CEO-class people were attending from big companies such as Zespri (known for Kiwifruits) and ANZCO (meat industry). There were also people from the NZ embassy at Tokyo and from MAF-New Zealand. 
   There were people from Fonterra as well, who I can potentially collaborate with. I believe that there are a lot to learn from NZ, in terms of growing our agriculture industry and also for New Zealand, Japan is one of the biggest market. I hope the relationship will be expanded and rather than just "hope", I should "act" to expand the relationship. 
   I remembered that my old friend at Lincoln was employed at ANZCO while ago so I asked the CEO of ANZCO whether he remembers her. He did indeed, I told my friend that I saw her old boss and she was definitely surprised hearing that. It seems that Japan and New Zealand are being far away but when we talk about food and agriculture, there are very very strong bonds between us.