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ニュージーランドサマーキャンプ【NZ Summer Camp】

posted Mar 7, 2019, 12:52 AM by Yoshitaka Uchida





Another "summer program" was on, recently. I brought a group of students to New Zealand. The students were getting out of Hokkaido winter for a few weeks, studying English, experiencing and learning NZ style farming and nature from local professors. Hokkaido University provides a small fund to do this, and the program was on for two weeks. 

The group was rather quiet this year, but I received a few positive feedback. A student told me that she learnt so much in NZ. Another student markedly improved his English. A student also said to me that he was used to learning only from textbooks, but in NZ he gained more from the real issues that professors are aiming to solve. I am pleased to hear those comments. 

Some may say that "learning in overseas" is not necessary anymore due to the development of internet and translation tools. I also heard that some have studied overseas but have not improved their discussion and communication skills. These days, our government supports studying abroad too much, and some may think that many go overseas without proper goals. 

Well, I agree with some of the statements above, but when a student comes to ask me whether she/he should study abroad, I always say "go ahead!". A reason is she/he can experience something new. The new experience will help that person when she/he thinks about the future and happiness. Also, the new experience will help us to feel differently and flexible when we are under stress or in a difficult moment. I do know that some never change even when they experience something new or also do not accept anything new and have a tough time studying overseas. It is a risk. Risks come with the new experiences anyway. 

Okay, enough for now, and here I would like to sincerely thank all of the Lincoln University staffs and professors who helped this great program. Thank you.