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ニュージーランド・リンカーン大学サマーキャンプ(その2)【Summer Program at Lincoln University, New Zealand – Part 2】

posted Mar 6, 2014, 8:17 PM by Yoshitaka Uchida Hokudai

   Lincoln University is located on the South Island of New Zealand, south of Christchurch. It is located next to a town called Lincoln. It has been 12 years since I visited Lincoln for the first time and compared to that time, there was a significant development in the town. There are a few big supermarkets and shops in the town. It is indeed a small University thus I would not say it is a well-known University for Japanese people, however, Lincoln University does accept many groups of Japanese who are into rugby or English educations.
   I decided to create a 2-weeks summer program for the students. The program included some English studies, homestays, and visits to farms/research institutes. Honestly speaking, I do not expect my students to improve their English within fortnight. However, I believe this program could be a good start for those thinking about studying overseas to expand their potentials.
   The hardest part was to arrange the visits to farms/research institutes. English studies plus homestays were not a problem. There are number of agents who could arrange everything for me. However, for Ag-students at Hokkaido University, these simple English + homestay are actually a bit boring. Thus, I made appointments with a few farms/research institutes where I worked/studied during my student time at Lincoln University (to be continued).