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なんとかやっています!【We are doing fine!】

posted Apr 29, 2020, 12:01 AM by Yoshitaka Uchida

私たちのチームは基本的に自宅待機。学生のうち多くはいつも使っているデスクトップパソコンを家に運び、ホームオフィスで勉強したり解析したりしています。私との打ち合わせはGoogle Meetなどのテレビ会議システムを使って行っています。正直しんどいな、と思っているメンバーも多いのですが、助け合って、しっかりと自分のことをすることを心がけています。



Things are becoming tough here. Many of my friends ask me the situation at my University and probably students' family might be worrying about the University. Thus I would like to share the current status of the team. We are handling the situation under the level "three" condition. The level three means that students are not able to come to University without my permission. All the lectures are now becoming online. 

My team has been staying at home, most of the time. Many of my team carried their desktop PC home and set up their home offices for study. We still meet online using Google Meet. We know that many of us feel this is tough, but we help each other and do whatever each of us can do. 

My motivation is to provide a high-quality online education for my students. The online lectures are mostly one-way communication. It is difficult to tell whether students understand or are interested in my lectures. I struggle not to do lectures like that. I hope students still get a lot of things out of my lectures. 

We still have regular morning meetings for my team, and we have been helping each other, watering some soils/plants and carrying on a few incubation studies (that are hard to stop). I am very impressed that students listen to my guidance well, and am thankful for that. I hope we can get out of this chaos as soon as possible!