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忙しい日々は続く 【Busy days continue on】

posted Oct 25, 2016, 6:45 PM by Yoshitaka Uchida Hokudai

   Again, I haven't been able to update this site for a while. After the big conference in Saga, I have been travelling mainly domestically. A while ago, I have a very good meeting with a company developing a weather station. Weather station is a device which record climatic factors such as rainfall and temperature. In our country, thanks to it, we can be warned for typhoon, extreme hot/cold weather events. Then we can decide what to wear or whether we are going to bring an umbrella with us or not. It seems pretty "normal" but we have to be really thankful for that. 
   Our research fields, such as a part of Africa, such data is often unavailable. It is problematic when we want to, for example, predict the distribution of heavy metal containing dust. We have been talking about these things in Tokyo. 

   After that, me and my student have been doing some measurements in Shiga with a professor there, and we also attended another conference, with another student, at Yokosuka. Those trips were very fruitful. In fact, all of my students have some supervisors outside the University and I am really proud of it. Students have to get out the lab, do experiments outside the lab, get advises from many other professors other than me. 
   Photos are some "highlights" of our trips (although I wasn't travelling for "fun").