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これからの国々【Countries with great future】

posted Jan 27, 2019, 5:10 AM by Yoshitaka Uchida

   Recently, we have been to Zambia despite my busy schedule due to lectures and other duties in Japan. This trip was based on the project regarding heavy metal contaminations. In Zambia, we have done a lot of field studies and conducted a few important meetings. One of the goals for the field studies was to grasp the changes in the land-use in this area. 
   It is uncertain whether the changes in the land-use are related to the contamination of the land. However, our analyses of the satellite images over the last 25 years suggest that "greenness" of the earth surface has been rapidly changing in this area. The change can be related to activities such as deforestation, the development of wetlands, floods, the expansion of cities etc. 
   In the end, we had to come here to confirm our findings based on the satellite images. We were on a 4WD and drove everywhere and walked further where the 4WD could not access. 
   We are still summarising the data, but we found that this area is rapidly being developed. Forests are often cultivated into maize farms. At the same time, we saw huge wetlands expanding toward the horizon. Deep forests are also still present. We want to contribute to the sustainable development of Africa by further analysing the data.