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竣工式典【Ceremony for the new building】

posted Oct 2, 2015, 7:01 AM by Yoshitaka Uchida Hokudai

   It has been a while since we moved our laboratory to the new building but we just had a ceremony to celebrate the start of this building. Students have been very busy doing experiments, getting used to the new laboratory. I am sure my students are enjoying more space here. 
   At the ceremony, my students helped me serving drinks for the guest. I have been dreaming about having a cafe on the ground floor of the building so it was nice although this was a one-off event. We prepared different drinks, produced locally (e.g. milk and citrus juice), thanks for our University Co-op. 
   The weather was not perfect but I took a photo of the beautiful rainbow on the sky. There still are a lot of empty rooms in this new building and I am looking forward to new lecturers and students, probably will be filling the building in near future!