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今年を振り返って【Looking back year 2015】

posted Dec 30, 2015, 6:54 PM by Yoshitaka Uchida Hokudai






   The last day of 2015, am trying to tidy up my house (end of year big cleaning is a Japanese culture)... at least trying! I have been as busy as usual this year, particularly looking after increased students took a lot of my time. Normally, students during 4th year or the second half of their Master's degree do not have much lectures to take, in this country. Thus, they can purely focus on their experiments and it is really good thing. However, I see many students basically indulge themselves because there are no penalties for not showing up (to do experiments) or coming in very late in the morning, unlike normal lectures. Well, I think I have to make sure they do quality experiments/research during their final year. 

   One of my colleagues, who I respect, says top science should be 30% experiments and 70% data analyses and writing. I think it is totally true. I have to simplify students' research and make sure they spend a lot of time discussing, discussing, writing writing and writing!! 

   Work smart, and write well have to be a motto for top scientists but for me, I am still struggling to educate such people in 2015. To make the Earth better place, I cannot simply tell students "what to do" because they have to learn "to do" before I told them to do. Well, I believe some scientists should do what I teach "not to do" because I may be wrong! 

   I sometimes ponder why scientists exist anyway. If we cannot use our money efficiently (mostly tax payers' money) to make the earth better, we do not have to exist. I really want to educate such scientists who can conduct efficient research. 

   In 2016, I will continue educate and educate my team members. My 1st group of students will be 2nd year of their Master's degree. I am looking forward to seeing their future after they finish their courses off. 

   I would like to thank everyone for looking after myself and my team. See you in 2016. The picture shows penguins that I saw at a local aquarium. Cute.