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冬の始まり【Winter has started】

posted Nov 23, 2018, 9:24 PM by Yoshitaka Uchida


私の先生(Timothy Clough先生)は、目次をしっかり作るように、とよく言っていました。今思えば、彼は極めて忙しいのに、文法はちゃめちゃな私の卒論、博士論文と、何度も何度も読んで添削して下さいました。私は今、学生たちに同じような質と量の指導を出来ているのかどうか。常に自問しています。


Sapporo city, where I am working, is looking like this now. It is too difficult to sample soils now but students are busy doing experiments. Graduating students are particularly busy. 

To be honest, I spend so much time and effort reading students’ draft theses this time of the year. Our tradition is to write thesis in English but Japanese students normally confuse and do not know where to start. I have to make sure I spend time with them, teaching them what to do step by step. 

My supervisor (Prof. Timothy Clough) told me to start with the table of contents. Remembering my student days, he spent so much time reading my thesis drafts with terrible English grammar. I ask myself whether I do the same for my students now. 

Sometimes students from outside my team tell me that their supervisors do not read their thesis drafts in details. It is very sad. I understand that the graduate thesis is an important achievement for their lives. They will remember the efforts they put into the these for the rest of their life. I was lucky to have an awesome supervisor so I vividly remember my days writing the thesis. The memory pushes me up when I have a difficult moment.