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デンマークへ【To Denmark】

posted Jul 26, 2019, 7:02 PM by Yoshitaka Uchida




A year ends with so many oversea trip schedules straight after spring (with a lot of lectures). This is how I had been spending each year for the last few years, and I feel like I need to make sure I am not being chased by a lot of “dues and duties” all the time. I still want to do quality jobs! This is one of the reasons for this blog, recording what I had been up to. However, I have to say I have already done so many works after my trip to Denmark (so I am being chased by “update my blog feeling” already).

I went to Denmark to help my students’ field trip. Our graduate school requires my students to do oversea field trips. That is a very nice idea but I do not understand why us (professors and staffs) have to chase after them. We should treat our students as adults. 

Anyway, Denmark is a country that is trying to produce the most out of the small land area. Farming is of course very important, but we cannot convert all the lands into farmed area. This would result in the deterioration of life balances, with dirty water and air, depleting ground water and increases in diseases and other natural disasters. Lives will not be supported under these situations. Thus, arguably, Denmark is trying to push its land almost to the limit (increasing farm lands), with minimum impacts on life-supporting functions on the earth. 

Due to this fact, the use of fertilisers and water, the regulations of organic farmings are quite nicely controlled (in very details) and I really see why Denmark is often regarded as a country with successful/sustainable modern farming systems. Well, Japanese people live on the land with >70% forest cover, but we import most of our foods. I am repeatedly telling my students that “feeding the world” will be extremely difficult in near future, regarding the environmental impacts, thus I really hope my students felt something new based on my lectures plus this precious visit to Denmark.