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ブラジル・ヴィソーザ大学訪問【Visiting Brazil, Vicosa University】

posted Nov 5, 2014, 6:29 PM by Yoshitaka Uchida Hokudai

     I have been to Brazil last week. I used to live in Brazil when I was a child so this was the first visit since then. I arrived at Brazil via New York, taking me more than 30 hours. I talked about the use of charcoal to protect soils. In Japan, we often use rice husk charcoal as a soil conditioner and Brazilian farmers also want to use a similar technique to protect their soils.
     During the travel from the airport at Rio de Janeiro to Vicosa University, I saw many extensive pasture lands with some beef cattle and horses. The pasture lands have no trees and some area is badly eroded probably due to weak soil structures.
     As far as I understood, soils in the area where I visited have a relatively weak structure and are vulnerable against erosion especially when plants are not actively growing on them. 
     I hope my talk helps local farmers in Brazil. Many young students come to listen to my talk, although their English is limited. I was very impressed by their attitudes, talking a lot of notes during my talk.