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別海町訪問【A visit to Bekkai-cho, Hokkaido】

posted Mar 21, 2014, 8:30 PM by Yoshitaka Uchida Hokudai

     I have not really finished writing about the summer camp in New Zealand, however, there have been a lot happening in our lab so I would like to write about our visit to Bekkei-cho although I understood that things are not well-organized here. About 10 days ago, I and a few students traveled to the eastern side of Hokkaido to interview a farmer. We always aim to do/research what farmers want. Thus, our research starts from interviewing farmers. However, when I get too busy, I tend to forget about this fundamental basis of my research.
     Well, farmers are also very busy people and thanks for a farmer that I met in Bekkai-cho, he took a time to talk to us. We are particularly interested in the effluent management systems over winter in Bekkai-cho. During winter, it is not possible to spread the effluent onto pasture because of the snow. Thus, farmers pile the effluent up on a certain place on their farms and wait for spring to come. If there is a clean river near the effluent piles, it will be contaminated during the winter. How can we efficiently utilize or manage the effluent over winter? I think I found a new interesting challenge in Hokkaido.