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北大若手交流会【Young scientists’ seminar】

posted Aug 4, 2013, 4:48 PM by Yoshitaka Uchida Hokudai   [ updated Aug 4, 2013, 4:49 PM ]
I attended a young scientists’ seminar, here at Hokkaido University, organized by different types of young scientists. This seminar aims to promote collaborations and communication among different types of young scientists within this University. I really enjoyed the overall atmosphere of this seminar. 

Three young scientists gave talks, one studies cancer, another studies Boron uptakes by plants, another is a chemist, talked about how to synthesize new organic substances. What they had in common was that their presentations were simply great. They know how to explain their research fields to others who have no background in science. I was really impressed. They were also very confident throughout their presentations.

At the end of the seminars, the special guest, Prof. Suzuki (a novel prize winner) gave a small talk for young ones like me. He is now over 80 years old but he encouraged us to have the “originality” in our research. It is sometimes difficult to start a research which nobody has ever tried before, e.g. a brand new area of science. However, like Prof. Suzuki who discovered the Cross-Coupling reaction, we scientists always have to be challenging and ambitious. This is what I learned from his talk.



会の最後に、ノーベル化学賞受賞者の鈴木 章教授の話がありました。もう80歳を超えていらっしゃいますが、研究分野に「オリジナリティー」を持つ、ということを強調された話をして下さいました。私は時に「今までだれもやっていないこと」に挑戦する、ということを難しく感じることがあります。失敗したらどうしよう、と思っているので、やはりある程度分かっている分野の科学をより一層理解するような、そういう仕事をすることが多いです。それももちろん大事ですけどね。