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北大の未来【Future for Hokkaido University】

posted Nov 21, 2014, 8:10 PM by Yoshitaka Uchida Hokudai

   I have been very busy recently due to many things happening around myself. I really want to have more time for my five students. For my research, several collaborative projects have started with some oversea institutes and I also started a study targeting Japanese farmers. I do need more hands.
   Also, a new assistant professor came to a lab just in front of ours so it is nice. He reminds me of my first days at Hokkaido University. I had nothing in my lab and I knew absolutely nobody at this University. I do thank my students for my current situation.
   My other jobs have markedly increased because Hokkaido University has been noted as one of future “super-global” Universities, by our government. I talked a lot about this globalization/internationalization issues happening at Japanese Universities however, I still believe that we need to do a lot more but they we have few staffs who can achieve this. Individual staffs do need to push their boundaries, improving their English skills, communication skills, as well as their ability to negotiate with oversea Universities.     Going back to the story about my students, my 4th year students are doing so well, writing for scientific papers. My 3rd years are still thinking what to do but they are good. These students are experiencing some “Senpai” issue (senior/junior students’ relationship) for the first time in our lab. It is interesting to see how my 4th years take the leadership on my 3rd years.