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A seminar organized by young scientists【同期が主催するセミナーにて】

posted Jul 12, 2013, 3:45 AM by Yoshitaka Uchida Hokudai   [ updated Jul 12, 2013, 3:46 AM ]
I needed to talk in front of young scientists working here at Hokkaido University a few days ago (with a BBQ party afterwards). It is always exciting to talk in front of many people but I particularly enjoy talking for non-scientists or for scientists from different area or backgrounds. The reason is simply because by communicating with them, I often obtain completely different or new ideas for my future experiments. It is still important to associate with agricultural scientists who work in the same/similar area with my field but I guess we sometimes have to get out from our “comfortable zone” to expand our idea to be better scientists. 

For this particular seminar, I gave a talk about how microbiologists and field-monitoring scientists can work together in the area of soil science but I hoped that my talk gave some ideas for non-scientists or for non-soil scientists. In soils, we started being able to look at changes in specific genes (particularly RNA) in details for the last few years because of hard-working microbiologists.

We, field-monitoring scientists, are hoping to interact with microbiologists to understand nutrient cycling better. Also, I would like to apply what we found in laboratory studies into farm levels thus linking the data taken in laboratory and the problems associated with agriculture (e.g. drought, nutrient deficiency, pests, etc) is an important job for me.

I talked something like what I stated above and I received quite a good response from the audience and I was very about it and yes I did enjoy the BBQ on a lawn after the seminar.

同期(英語では同期という考え方があまりないのですが)が組織しているセミナー・交流会にておしゃべりをしてきました。この仕事をしていると、しょっちゅう色々なところで「話」をしなければいけないのですが、私は特に科学者ではない人や、分野の違う科学者の前でお話をするのを楽しみにしています。こういった方は、思いもよらない新しいアイデアを私にくれることがあるので、新しい実験を計画したりするきっかけになることがよくあるからです。 自分の「縄張り」から出て、腕試しをする、という自分への叱咤激励という感じでもありますが。