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2020年を迎えて【Year 2020 started!!】

posted Jan 3, 2020, 12:17 AM by Yoshitaka Uchida





The amount of snowfall has unusually low in Sapporo so far, but the year 2020 has already been here. I have never experienced that the ski fields nearby have not been opened yet by now. Additionally, I have been worrying about the impacts of this low snowfall on the crops in spring. Snow is essential to stabilise the soil temperature and moisture over winter. We have to keep researching the agricultural methods to deal with unusual climate.

I want to review our activities in 2019 and propose some goals for 2020. 

Last year, many of us left the laboratory for good, and we had a lot of new members. I am very thankful for the new ones since they were very active in the team and progressed so well regarding communicating with locals in the fields (even in overseas). These communication skills are critically important in our research area.

In 2020, we need to develop our research further so we can return something for the people who work with us. We have the data, but we should think about how we present the data for people so they can understand our findings.

More precisely, we are running projects in Africa (soil conservation) and Hokkaido (excess nutrients from livestock) and clear outcomes for these projects will be needed this year. We have an excellent team and just a matter of having better teamwork in 2020!