Nutrient Budgeting for Japanese Dairy Farms 【酪農場の栄養バランス】

Dairy cows produce our milk and meat, by eating a lot of grass and grains. They also produce a lot of waste (urine and dung). On dairy farms, the waste is often recycled well. It may be composted and spread on pasture or be used for a bio-gas production.


We are interested in visualize these movements of nutrients on each farm. Nutrients are going in and out everyday on a farm, in various forms, such as milk, meat, fertilizer, grains and so on.

Understanding these movements will result in better understanding of the nutrient use efficiency on a farm. The improvement of the nutrient use efficiency may result in better income for farmers and hopefully with less labour.

Also, we are interested in comparing these data with oversea dairy farms using an international standard. The improvement of the nutrient use efficiency in agricultural ecosystems has global significance since some nutrients such as nitrogen has a strong influence on global environmental issues.

Our team has a strong connection with a project such as International Nitrogen Management System (INMS) to progress this kind of project.