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砂場【Sandy soils】

posted May 28, 2018, 4:19 PM by Yoshitaka Uchida

   We wanted to start an experiment using a poor fertility soil. In my image, I wanted a sand-like soil. I wanted to test how plants survive under these conditions and how organic matter application (such as manure) change soil's status. 
   We find a lot of sands on beaches for sure, but at the same time, we find cigarette butts and other rubbish thus I did not think the beaches are an ideal area to sample sands. Also, salinity can be an issue there. 
    At the same time, things like Japanese yams (sticky yam) grow well on sand, and I know there are farms in Hokkaido. Thus, I contacted the local agricultural office, and they told me that there is company sampling sand for construction purposes. 
   I was so impressed by what the company does on site. Huge trucks were running around and were carrying tonnes of sands everywhere. People were very nice there. They stopped big machines for us to sample a small amount of sand. I feel sorry for them because they usually sell tonnes of sand at a time but we only needed 50 kilograms or so. Thanks anyway.