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リサーチプロポーザル【Research Proposal Seminar】

posted May 14, 2014, 6:04 AM by Yoshitaka Uchida Hokudai   [ updated May 22, 2014, 10:06 PM ]

     A while ago, two students belong to our team presented their research proposals in English. When they joined the team half a year ago, they could not even introduce themselves in English but what an effort. I am so impressed by their young energy and ability to learn new things. “Research proposal seminar” is an opportunity for each students to present what he/she is going to research and to obtain valuable opinions from many other colleagues/scientists. I said “many others” which means there should be opinions from other teams during the research proposal seminar. Thus, I invited students/staffs from other labs for the seminar. For example, students from the Soil Science Laboratory came along to give my students some feedback. 
     In many Japanese Universities, each “laboratory” is very independent. “Laboratory” is normally a team of a few academic professors and many students. Normally, things like parties are organized by each “laboratory” and there are not many communications between different laboratories. I was very surprised by this when I returned to Japan from New Zealand, where I did all of my tertiary degrees. There are so many “clever” people in this University, arguably. It is such a waste of this knowledge when most of the students here graduate only knowing a few of many staff members. Each professor has different ideas/opinions and students should learn from as many professors as possible. This is how students grow up and how they create the “culture” in a University. 
     I try to let my students associate with other professors, as much as I can. There are also students coming in and out from my lab, from other labs, or coming here just to have a lunch with us. This is just so wonderful to see these type of students. Also, I only have limited resources so I must get some helps from other labs to run experiments smoothly. One of my students actually does most of her studies outside my lab, thanks for my colleague scientist. I really want my students absorb a lot of things from other professors. 
    Coming back to the story of the research proposals, they went so well. There were so many questions and discussions happened after each seminar. Even I had never thought of some of the questions so the questions helped myself to expand more idea about our future research. Thank you so much particularly for students from the Soil Science Lab.