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ニュージーランド・リンカーン大学サマーキャンプ(その3)【Summer Program at Lincoln University, New Zealand – Part 3】

posted Apr 27, 2014, 5:10 PM by Yoshitaka Uchida Hokudai

   A student sent me an email saying that his mark for the recent TOEIC test was the highest ever. He thinks it may be because he attended the summer camp at Lincoln University. How wonderful hearing such things.    
   I believe that my University has, in general, good students with good reputation. However, many of them are satisfying themselves with the reputation and are not trying to aim higher. There are number of Universities which are ranked higher than Hokkaido University but many students believe that they are never going to beat them in near future.
   Well, I do not want my students to be so competitive but at the same time they should be motivated to change themselves for farmers in Japan. Japanese farming systems are believed to be markedly changed in near future because of the changes in the global market. I would like to help my students to be aware of that. There are plenty to do to achieve this but this summer camp can be the first step.
   New Zealand is arguably the country of farming. The population is smaller when compared to Japan, however, there are only two “agricultural” Universities in New Zealand and Lincoln is one of them. I believe farmers especially in South Island are relying on research and studies performed at Lincoln.
   In New Zealand, I learnt that for the development of farming sectors, scientists have to contribute for that. In Hokkaido, the link between agricultural scientists and farmers are still not strong enough. The students attended the summer camp were surprised to see the strong link between scientists and farmers in New Zealand. I would like to continue putting more effort on this kind of activities.