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バリ島での学会【A conference at Bali Island, Indonesia】

posted Apr 2, 2014, 10:42 PM by Yoshitaka Uchida Hokudai

  I attended a conference at Bali Island, Indonesia, last month. I actually did not know much about the conference, however, my friend kindly invited me to attend the conference thus I decided to go. At the conference, we discussed the effect of climate change on agricultural systems particularly in Asia. Farmers in Asia are worrying about their future, because they realize that global warming and increasing flooding events are affecting them. There a lot to do for scientists.
  At the conference, many talks were focusing on “what has been happening in the Asian climate” rather than discussing “what to do to deal with changing climate”. To deal with changing climate, first it is important to evaluate how the climate has been changing over the last few hundred years. 
  There are beautiful rice terraces in Bali. There are rice terraces in Japan and similar to them, the rice terraces in Bali are managed very carefully with many regulations. These rules allow farmers to produce rice from the same field for many years.